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29 March 2010 @ 06:24 pm
I've been MIA for pretty much this entire year. My RL is as busy as hell. To the point where I'm drinking two triple shot lattes a day just to stay awake. I literally had more sleep when I had school and an overnight job, instead of just school.

But the reason for my little pop-up in this place is just to say that I've followed Ricky Martin since i was 5. Back before he Livin' La Vida Loca, way before his General Hospital days. Actually, I started watching that soap just to see him in it. So, for him, at this point in his career, to come out as gay is something I applaud him for.

His English translation of his public letter loses something, but in the Spanish version, we can see, or at least I saw, that his sexuality was something he needed to come to terms with, to accept fully, before sharing.

I'm glad he's reached that point in his life.
hinazuke: Tora - Banghinazuke on March 30th, 2010 04:21 am (UTC)
That is really moving. Yay for being out of the closet.

BTW, you need to watch this. Tora being all embarrassed about his mama calling in and having his friends basically punk him is hilarious beyond words.

She talks like a super formal traditional Japanese mama, too.

They totally punked him. He thought it was Hiroto's mom at first, and then she's like "I'm not his mom..."
He freaks: "I knew I recognized that voice!"
She introduces herself, etc.
Tora goes "Why are you on this???"
She's like "Cause they asked me. <3" all sweet-like
Band member: So, how often does he come back home?
Tora Mama: Not that often recently
Tora: I'm coming, I'm coming!

Other questions are asked...

Band: What is Tora's weakness?
Mama: Hmm, I think that would be me
Band: So what was Tora like as a kid?
Mama: Oh, he was very cute.
Band: What!? Really?! No way!
Mama: He still looks about the same, actually.

She mentions things like to make sure he takes care of his health, and such.

That was total epic win. XD