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23 March 2008 @ 09:24 am
A Little Update  
So work has left me too tired to play online for anything longer than half an hourso I really haven't even been on LJ in like two months. I'm only now downloading pics from last Saturday. Oh, last Saturday was w0rld4vamps's Black and White Ball. It was fun and I saw a few people I hadn't seen in years. Anyway, Elina was the only one with a camera so I'm now downloading all the pics she took.

Moving on to less happier news. About two weeks a man from work comes gives me a picture of a t-shirt design thinking I'll agree it's funny, it wasn't. It was racist and pissed me off and after a few minutes a small discussion with him HE"S the one that gets offended I don't find it funny and avoids me for about a week. I tell this to my supervisor when I see her and she tells me file a formal complaint with our HR, which I did. Now this isn't the first complaint filed against him. It's not even the fifth, there have been lots of problems with him in the past but when they pulled him in yesterday they gave my complaint as the final straw. So of course he knew who filed it, and being the asshole he is, of course he's bad mouthing me when he cleans out his desk.

I spent all day yesterday, because he got fired like 40 min. after I walked in, fielding questions ranging from,'what happened?' to 'I hear a rumor that ---- got fired because of you.' Yeah, that wasn't fun.

This is what has me a little worried. I just got a pretty big promotion and the new dept. I'm working in was the one this guy worked in and guess what? Everyone back there loves him, so now I'm worried what will happen with them.

I know only a handful of people know the part of the tale that named me and I'm freaking out a little over going in to work on Monday.

--I'm keeping this public because my mom told me I should have kept quiet about the incident. No one should have to got through what I'm going through and no one should feel the need the keep quiet if they do.--
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hinazukehinazuke on March 24th, 2008 04:13 am (UTC)
It was awesome to see you again too! *hugs*
And talk about awkward on the job end. o.o I feel you on that last part. Silence is not always the answer and you should not have to suffer for speaking your mind and asserting yourself. More power to you!
Lupechocmarsh on March 25th, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
I know. I was so happy you were there.

And at least today I got a few pats on the back, so to speak, for standing up for myself.