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16 July 2008 @ 11:42 pm
RE: Plagiarism by the proffesionals and other things in Lupe's world  
Mangaka Youka Nitta was accused of, and admitted, tracing over several, (read-couple dozen), pictures and publishing them as her original drawings in her stories. Now the thing that gets me the most about this is some of the fan reactions that go along the lines of, "well, isn't pulling all of her work going too far?", "this is overdramatic," or "her career shouldn't be ruined by this." I understand that people don't want her to suffer and that having her admit her mistake and apologize is enough, but pulling her work makes because the publisher's don't really know which drawing of her can get them a lawsuit. I mean, if she decides to only take a hiatus and come back to work at a later time it's going to be hard for people not think she's plagiarizing her work in the future. Unless she comes back when this all blows over and maybe changes her pen-name, but still, it'll be hard to get published again. I do feel bad for her, but she kinda brought it on herself.

Ooh, so two Sundays ago my parents were in San Francisco and according to the lovely picture we got in the mail yesterday, my dad ran a $400 red light.

I alo spilled coffee on the new mp3 replacement for the one I stuck in the washer and I had nothing to clean the coffee with but my favorite swater.

And, I was 5 hours late to work on Monday because I wrote down the wrong schedule.

But Batman come out this weekend. That is my light at the end of this short tunnel. *nods*
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w0rld4vampsw0rld4vamps on July 19th, 2008 03:51 am (UTC)
I love the positive ending.. *nods too*

oh and I'm looking forward to watching it.. I think I'll force the mother to go with me on Monday since I'm sure it's sold out this weekend..

and that way it can just be the two of us and I don't have to worry about the lil ones wanting to go....

feel better corazon the world is ours to make a great adventure...

~are you enjoying yours?~ *points like uncle sam*