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23 August 2009 @ 07:32 am
Heroes and Shoes  
I managed to score a hard copy of Heroes Season 1. I didn't really want the dvd's so much as have a friend tell me I'm really gonna like the show but shouldn't have to watch the dl'd version 'cause then I won't get the full experience so he'll let me borrow them. I'm pretty sure he's more excited about me watching the show than I am. So far, in the eps I've watched I keep thinking of how the x-men would deal with these situations. Not sure how that related to to my liking the rest of the show.

Ooh, I found out my bedframe was adjustable from a twin-full-queen. Which means I didn't have to buy a bed, like originally planned, for my room redecoration. Which means I had some extra cash, which of course means I spent it on shoes. Specifically on some Converse self designed low-top Chucks I'd saved a while back. They're very colorful and should be arriving on my doorstep in 2-4 weeks.

I'm trying to not regret spending my money on them instead of saving it. It's working so far, but we'll see how that goes in another 2 weeks.
Kim: Star Trek Quinto Hairhammil77 on August 23rd, 2009 10:24 pm (UTC)
Honestly I didn't think Heroes was that good of a show. I think it had potential but it felt like they took too long to get to any point. I do like Sylar though, naturally, but he's so underused in the first two seasons. Perhaps if I watched for the plot rather than just one character I might've liked it more. I'm not sure though. Actually I kind of liked parts of season 3 which to most fans is considered a terrible season. Maybe I'm just not a good judge of tv. :P

I look at money in that sure you can save and save and save but if you don't take a break to enjoy yourself once in a while it'll all be for nothing. So if you splurge now on a pair of shoes and don't plan to splurge elsewhere for the foreseeable future it's not such a bad thing.

Actually I love that you can design your own Converse shoes. What colors did you choose for yours?
Lupe: Pinto-Colorschocmarsh on August 24th, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
lol, I've only seen a few eps so far and I have to admit I'm not impressed. Its not a bad show but it is unoriginal. I find myself skipping through a lot of the exposition 'cause it bores me. Idk, I think I'll keep watching solely for Quinto.

Yeah, the problem I have with splurging is that at one point all I did was splurge and was at a loss for money when I really needed it. So now I spent a good chunk of time debating whether or not my purchase is really worth it. But this money was already destined to be spent, I just found a way to spend it on something that would pamper me a little.

I kinda went nuts designing shoes on their site. lol Mine are maroon on the sides, light pink tongue, baby blue laces, black soles with red racing stripes, purple heel stripe, and emoticon inner lining.

So yeah, colorful. ;o;
Kim: Star Trek Pintohammil77 on August 25th, 2009 05:17 am (UTC)
You're probably smarter for doing so. I would always watch through the show just in case I'd miss something but I also feel like I wasted so much time in doing so.

But I'm sure you've learned from that. If you tell yourself shoes are all you're going to get for a while you'll be alright. ;)

Colorful is always good. ;) They sound pretty awesome actually. I know I'd have done something similar. :P
Lupe: Quinto-Sleepchocmarsh on August 25th, 2009 03:48 pm (UTC)
I just figure that if I miss something then I can go online and find some spoilers. Also, its said to say my skipping exposition hasn't affected my understanding of the plot.

Edited at 2009-08-25 03:49 pm (UTC)
hinazuke: Nao - SRSBIZNSShinazuke on August 24th, 2009 02:25 am (UTC)

The limited first press is sold for 8,925 yen (tax included) and contains the following:
- 2 DVD disks
- a bonus DVD with the live studio recording of 3 songs
- a 56 page booklet
- special packaging

The regular press is 4,725 (tax included) and contains the following:
- 2 DVD disks

The whole thing will be released on November 11th.

Info gratuitously lifted from here: http://community.livejournal.com/alice_nine/1496980.html

Now I needs to save moneys, those bastards. *brandishes fist*
Lupe: nao-drumschocmarsh on August 24th, 2009 03:47 pm (UTC)
NOOO! I don't need to spend more money on them.

They already damn near own my soul, why, WHY do they ask for money?!!??! *cries*