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02 November 2009 @ 11:41 pm
Yaoi Con  
Ok, so Sally and I get on our way after class on Friday. We pick up May, and we make it to the hotel in good time. Thankfully, most of the traffic was coming out of the city and not into it, otherwise it would have been very bad.The highlight of Friday night, was that Todd, the head of the volunteers, remembered my name and kept teasing me about it, so I was able to get on his good side right away. So, my first volunteer shift ended just as the bishie bingo was supposed to start, and after talking to Todd, he let me in before the event started and sit around for a few minutes with the bishies before people started coming in to the room. Which meant we all got front row seats, even though M ended up on our laps, but still. Front row seats to guys getting naked is great. Also, both w0rld4vamps and M won a round of bingo, so they each got to strip a guy and get an anime prize. YAY for them.

Saturday was the best day I've had at a con so far. I mean, this was the best day EVAH!! We woke up early and went to breakfast and I then went on to my volunteer hour, which was at the volunteer desk. This was a good thing because I was able to spend some more time with Todd and he let me know a little of how the planning for next year's con is going, which is many kinds of YAY!

Anyway, after mingling, and volunteering, and shopping, and volunteering again, w0rld4vamps and I left M and hinazuke asleep in the hotel and went out to dinner, starbucks and got back when the main events room was almost filled for the cosplay. But luckily for us, the usher found us two seats in the middle of the front row, center stage. YAY!! also, during intermission, one of the cosplayers threw a piece of her cosplay out to w0rld4vamps and when W0rld trued to return the apron, she was told to keep it. :) Im telling her she should have gotten a number, at least. Anyway, cosplay was awesome, and blithe87, you should now that Gaara was there, only this year she was Tobi. Oh, but I went up to her and said told her my friend totally stalked her last year and she was like "That was your friend!? She was supposed to be one of my minions!" Dude, Gaara totally remembered you.

Ok, so after that came Bishie Auction, and even though there was some ticketing snafu's we managed to get fairly decent seats. The one thing that left me a little upset was that the normally couture priced bishies sold for ready to wear prices,, and there were a lot of dollar store priced bishies. But you know what, that's totally ok by me because it meant that when I made a bid for a bishie, I won him. WE WON A FFREAKING BISHIE. Now, I don't know how many of you know of Yaoi Con or even what a bishie is, much less a bishie auction, so here's a brief description: a room full of people watch men perform skits, dance numbers, sing, or just strip, the men then auction off four hours of their time. So, last year, there were these two guys that cosplayed Kakashi and Reno and danced at the auction. They were the closing act, were a hit, and stayed in my mind. This year, they came and performed the same routine they did at Fanime, which is this(i suggest watching it in HD to see the facial expressions better, it is available, no matter what the vid says):

Now, I bid for and won Charlie the Charmander, but the lady who bought Chief Pikachu wanted sleep more than she wanted him, so she gave him to us, which meant TWO BISHIES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!

So after finding out that we had them, we still didn't know what to do with them. So we ended up going to their car to let them put their stuff away, we hung out in the lobby while we waited for the pizza we got to feed them with. Then we went to our room and hung out. They were adorable, and funny and just plain awesome. After our time with them ended, we told them they could go home but they stayed for about another hour, then we ended up talking about us needing to sleep because we had a panel to run in the morning, and we found out they were planning on driving back to Oakland from San Mateo at 330am and be back at the Con by 930 the next morning, so we just let them stay with in our room with us.

So really, we got two bishie for an entire night, all for the low low price of one bishie for four hours. It was great.

And these are the high points of fri. and sat.

Sunday will have to wait 'cause im falling asleep here.
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hinazuke: Tora - Kittehhinazuke on November 3rd, 2009 02:39 pm (UTC)
*psst* Go friend vellum. That's M!

Thanks for the vid. It had me laughing all over again. XD
Lupechocmarsh on November 3rd, 2009 03:57 pm (UTC)
Why are you up so early? Go rest and go see doctor. And thanks for the username. Ill go friend her.
hinazuke: Saga - Spadehinazuke on November 3rd, 2009 04:16 pm (UTC)
That's cause I went to sleep super early. And my doc app is at 11. Fever is gone so that's good. Still cough-y though.

I finished one request. Wanna see?