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02 July 2010 @ 09:04 pm
I think Ghana and Brazil losing is affecting my dad and I more than Mexico losing. This could be because we never really held any high expectations for Mexico. But Brazil has always held a special place in my dad's futbol heart. He always talks about Pele and the Brazil of Mexico '70, and the surprise of 'el Maracanazo.' I've always liked Ghana's style and I just really want to see an African team reach, at least, the semi-finals, and I figured this would be a great time for that to happen. Either way, my dad, who couldn't watch the game live this morning, refuses to even watch the recaps on any of the news shows, and I just keep shut up, and changing the channel, whenever anyone says 'Uruguay!Uruguay!Uruguay!'

It's not been a good World Cup for dad and I.

On the plus side, my nephew started rooting for those 'Orange Guys' during a pre-cup game against Mexico and got excited when he found out they one. One the other hand, we still haven't told him the US is no longer in the running. *shrugs*