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05 September 2010 @ 11:40 pm
Machete and Reverse Racism  
Saw Machete with my sister today. It was freaking great. Funny. Bloody. And just classic Rodriguez. Although, I really do think you have to be Mexican to fully understand when/how the movie pays homage to Mexican films of the past. Otherwise, you're gonna end up being an asshole offended about the movies reverse racism, like this guy http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/50656473.html#cutid1. And you know, he may have a point but seeing as how this guy only deals with reverse racism through a movie he has an option of seeing and not every day and in situations he can't avoid, then he can shut up and deal with it.

Machete isn't going to win any oscars, but it does bring to light a Mexican film and pop culture that is rapidly vanishing, due in part to the Americanization of the Mexican film industry and due in part to the Americanization of the younger Mexican-American generations refusing to watch movies in Spanish for fear of being associated with first generation Mexican immigrants. It may not seem like that would be a problem, specially if you only notice Mexican culture through protests and parades, but it happens more often than it should.
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